Heinzmann Engine & Turbine Controls

Heinzmann-Regulateurs Europa offers a wide range of engine and generator control products, including:

  • Engine speed control governors – digital and hydraulic
  • Throttle actuators – hydraulic and electric
  • Gas engine ignition systems
  • Gas engine air-fuel ratio controls
  • Gas engine detonation protection systems
  • Gas mixers and full authority fuel valves
  • Oil mist detection systems
  • Arc protection systems
  • Generator management controls
  • Gas engine management control

Upgrade your governor controls! Direct replacement of Woodward UG8 governors with integral air-head and more complete range of actuator torque.

Our customers can choose between an integrated solution or modular system components.

All gas engine management functions controlled by one central unit – the new HEINZMANN generation of PANTHEON solutions makes it possible.

Modular Gas Engine Management Components

Together with the broad range of modular gas engine products, HEINZMANN offers multifunctional gas engine management systems with unique flexibility.

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