Waukesha Engine Services

Technology and Service for Gas Engines and Generators

Kraft Power Proudly Offers Certified Remanufactured and Rebuilt Waukesha Engines

  • Exchange Engines and Components to minimize down-time
  • Field Services from our eight Service Centers
  • In-Shop overhauls and revisions
  • Extensive inventory of OEM and replacement parts

For the best value, performance, and durability.

Waukesha VHP7044GSI ReUp exhange engine ready to install

Kraft Power gives you a full range of options to meet
needs and budget. As an independent service company with almost 50 years of Waukesha service experience, Kraft Power offers you the choice of OEM service parts, certified replacement parts, and controls upgrades to economically improve your engine’s performance.

An important reason to have your Waukesha engine serviced by  Kraft Power is the peace of mind that  Kraft Power has extensive service experience with Waukesha engines and our independent status means the solutions we offer are the best ones for you, not just what is most beneficial for the engine manufacturer.

Maximum performance and uptime mean value to you, the engine user. Kraft Power’s certified shops deliver that, with “like new” performance and durability. The right parts for your engine are always on hand. Kraft Power maintains vast inventories of the parts needed to support your Waukesha engines. Stocking of major components and engines assures you that downtime will be minimized when service is required.

The difference is in the details.

Each Kraft Power service center goes through a rigorous evaluation to assure the facility, staff, and processes meet strict standards. This assures “like new” performance and durability from your Waukesha engine. Critical aspects of the reman/rebuild process meet strict quality standards;

  • Our technicians are trained and tested to assure they are experts in the latest improvements of components and techniques
  • Critical steps are documented to assure “consistent quality” in the reman/rebuild process
  • Only the highest quality replacement parts and components are selected

Contact your nearest Kraft Power location today, to set up your Waukesha engine overhaul, or to learn more! CONTACT US

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